Tea challenge

17-10-2010 § 1 Comment

Another fun idea from Courtney Carver on bemorewithless.com, the One is Enough: mini mission! The idea is to challenge yourself in finding out in which area of your life you could do with just one item instead of many.

I’m not going to try it out with bowls and cups. That’s not for me, although I may get to that point someday, don’t know. I’ve already done ‘pens’ and am very happy with three at the moment.

One area I’m not content with is my tea-addiction. I love tea, but I seem to love buying tea more! As a result I have some tea-related-clutter in my kitchen, which I look at with some guilt whenever I make tea. I already got rid of some that I know I’m really not gonna use. But now I’m taking it a step further. Until the 16th of november I’m going to use 1 flavour for a while: earl blue diamond.

Looking forward to many guilt-free-tea-making-moments :)!


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