Follow-up on the tea challenge

12-12-2010 § Leave a comment

Two monts ago I decided, prompted by Courtney Carver, to limit my tea choices to 1. In March I started my quest for finding my ‘enough’, so this mission was right up my sleeve! Well, a month later, I now know what my ‘enough’ in the tea department: it’s one-and-a-half. Guess I’m slightly weird or something.

When I chose  the one flavour, I picked a rather spicy tea. I was still under the impression I would also drink lots of coffee and water. But the coffee habit has dwindled somewhat in the last months (not sure why, there’s not an obvious reason for it), and I do drink lots of water, but a little variation can be nice sometimes. I also noticed that my choice of tea was interfering with my sleep as I drank it all day long :).

Now that the experimental month is over I went back to two tea flavours, the spicy one for the mornings, and a softer flavour, a nice little herbal tea, for the afternoons. Still, I tend to keep to the one flavour…

As with other stuff in my life I have simplified, and contrary to what I was led to believe before, it’s liberating to have so few choices. I enjoy what I have, do and experience more than I would before.  It has become a habit to make the tea and enjoy a moment of contentment instead of stressfully making tea and mindlessly forgetting about it and letting it get cold again.

I do make an effort to buy good quality tea though. Maybe I’ll scratch my coffee habit altogether, I haven’t really decided on that one, yet. There are reasons to do it, but once in a while a cup of coffee can be nice too…

So there you have it, at this moment, my ‘enough’ in the tea department is one-and-a-half…


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