Justin Case and his stuff

13-11-2010 § Leave a comment

Somewhere on a forum (wish I remembered where!) I saw someone use the term Justin Case to describe all the stuff we hang on to just because we think it may come in handy one day. I loved the name immediately. No, that’s not correct, I realized I was unknowingly married to this Justin Case! I could almost hear my mother saying, “remember, hang on to this  Justin Case, you need it”. Ok, she may have meant the punctuation to fall a little differently. But still…

I was already well on my way on my decluttering journey, but I did keep loads of stuff that definitely fell in the Justin Case category. It were the things I wasn’t particularly attached to but was hesistant to get rid of at the same time, because it was Justin Cases… So they kept bogging me down.

It was a bad marriage. I couldn’t move freely in a large walk-in closet I have. Getting something out of a kitchen drawer made me sigh before I even started. Didn’t know what I had. Couldn’t find stuff when I needed it. Lots of frustration there. Basically, we were constantly arguing about stuff.

Something had to change. I decided I need to trust life a little more. Because, for me, that was what was at the root of this dysfunctional marriage: fear that I won’t have enough in the future, and that life/me/whatever won’t be able to provide. But am I really going to die right on the spot if I don’t have that extra mop? Are they all going to be mysteriously sold out or something? And what about that umpthiest spare hard disk? Was I really going to let this Justin Case get in my way of enjoying my own house, of how I want to spend my time?

So I filed for divorce, kicked Justin Case right out the door and sent most of his stuff after him when he was leaving. Ah, the peace and quiet…!


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